Production diary

I helped with the editing of our video.

I typed up the script used for our video.

I was the camera man for most of our video.

I played the Forensic Scientist in our film.

I have helped write some of the Repotoire of Elements.


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Audience FeedBack

I have left a comment for Jordan and David film which you can see here.

And i have left a comment for Robbie and Luke which you can see here.

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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The genre we chose for our final piece was Horror/Thriller. We chose this particular genre due to the fact that we have all seen many Horror/ Thriller films and have a basic idea of how they work; we also had many ideas about what camera angles and shots we could use. We chose a dark alleyway as the setting for our video; we felt this would be very effective as our film is about somebody murdering an innocent girl. The alleyway we chose has no street lights so is nearly pitch black when dark, it is also very narrow and overgrown, all these factors add to the sense of claustrophobia, loneliness and intimidation. These are also all the places a young girl would not like to be on her own.

Each member of our group went away and researched a different Horror/Thriller film, and each came to the conclusion that most Horror/Thriller films have: A detective (usually days from retirement), a murderer and somebody linking the two together. We decided to use all of these factors in our film. Our initial idea was to have a detective find a girl’s body in the woods, then find out that the killer seems to be going after his family. By linking the detective with the killer, it encourages the audience to sympathise with the detective, because he has just lost somebody close to him.

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

We have many recognisable social groups in our film, firstly there is the ‘Damsel in Distress’ a young girl on her own, in a scary looking setting, this makes her a prime target for the Killer and is easily distinguished by the audience. Secondly is the detective, Thrillers usually have a detectives (usually days from retirement) as one of the main characters, who does all in his power to stop the killer from killing again, I feel that we made our detective easily noticeable, as his costume consisted of a waistcoat, white shirt and loafers. This is stereotypical of a detective so it makes it easier for the audience to understand who he is. And finally there is the Killer who keeps their face hidden this give the sense of mystery as the audience do not know who he is, and do not find out until the end.

What Kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

I feel that an independent producer would be most likely to distribute our media product on the basis that we have all unknown actors. The budget for our film was very low and the settings we used are local, this is very different to the multi-million pound movies that are set in Los Angeles with a very well know cast. I feel that our movie would better suit an independent producer due to these factors.

Who would be the audience for your media product?

The audience for our video is 15 years or older, the reason we chose our video to be rated 15 is because we came together as a group and discussed that our video was not violent enough to be classed as 18, yet too violent to be classed as 15.Also due to the fact that if it was classed as 18, we would not be able to watch our own video. There is more information on the BBFC’s certificate rating here.

How did you attract/address your audience?

Firstly we drew the audience in by having glass smashing in the bottle bank at the beginning of our video, this creates the sense of tension as the audience are not aware of what is going to happen next. We then changed the pace to a shot of a young girl on the phone to her Dad; they exchange a few lines of dialogue which gives the audience a change to understand what is happening. We then used the next shot to give the audience an idea of what’s going to happen next, we started off with the young girl walking down the alleyway, she then drops her grocery bag, and as the camera shot changes she is blocking the Killers body behind her. Then as she gets up and starts walking you can see him edge out behind her, this creates even more tension as you know he is going to attack her but you do not know when.

What have you learnt about technologies from constructing this product?

I have learnt quite a bit from constructing our media product, I had a basic understanding of how to use a video camera before we started videoing, but over the course of our media production, I have learnt to use a variety of shots. I also learnt how to use different type of microphones, for our video we used the gun microphone; this was fairly simple to use as all we had to do is point it in the position we wanted sound. We did not use any lighting equipment as we used natural light for all our scenes, I was a bit disappointed with our last scene as it dark fairly quickly but I feel it was the best shot out of all of them.

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Overall I feel that our final film was better in comparison to our preliminary film. This is mainly due to the fact that we had a clear idea of what we was going to shoot and how to shoot it, this was mainly due to the fact that we had a better storyboard to follow. I feel that out preliminary film did not have the variety of shots that we used in our final film. I feel that we worked well as a team, we listened to each others ideas and incorporated them into our film, which made it much better that originally planned, I think we just need a bit more time on the planning and maybe use a couple more different shot types. You can watch our preliminary task here.

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My Preliminary Task


Our preliminary task for Media Studies was to be able to create a video where we use all of our media knowledge and understanding. We had to devise a short video in which we had to include: The 180 degree rule, an action match, somebody opening a door, short dialogue, walking across a room and somebody sitting down. In our video we tried to create a sort of mysterious and secretive feel. In our first shot we just had the legs of Luke walking forward; we then cut to him pulling a mobile phone out of his pocket and briefly talked to someone.

We tried to use a range of different shots for our video, such as the High Angle shot, we used when Luke was looking down at Sean, it gives the impression that you are Luke, and can see what he see’s. We also used the Match on Action shot when Luke was walking into the room; we set up the camera so that when he pushed the door open, we cut into the room to show him entering it from another angle. I feel that this didn’t go as well as we planned, because when we cut into the room we have crossed the 180 degree rule. We used our Shot Reverse Shot when Luke is talking to Sean, you see Sean shout out Luke’s name out of rage, it then cuts to Luke asking Sean what he is doing. I feel that if we had another shot of Sean it would have made out Shot Reverse Shot much better.

We kept the lights off in the room we used because we already had natural lighting outside, this was enough light to be able to see both characters. We also felt the need to use props, after Luke has entered the room there is some brief dialogue, then Luke passes over a memory stick whist Sean grabs a bag off the floor. We felt that we should use a wide angle shot for this scene, so that you could see everything that’s happening. I think that if we re-did this scene we could have a range of different shots from a variety of angles.

I think our preliminary video overall went OK, I fell that our group worked well together, if we was to do this again I think we would have to put more time into the storyboarding, so that we can do shot after shot after shot continuously which will save time in editing. I feel that I have learned a lot from making this video and hope that I will be better in the future.

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My Fight Club Analysis

Fight Club Analysis

Edwards Norton stars as Jack, an automobile company employee who travels around the world daily. Combined Jet lag with insomnia Jack asks his doctor for any type of pills to help his sleep. His doctor refuses and instead suggests he should attend local support groups. During one of his flights he meets Tyler Durden played by Brad Pitt, he instantly takes a liking to him due to his twisted philosophy. Very weird circumstances end up with Jack living with Tyler. Over the course of many months Jack gets sucked into Tyler’s twisted philosophy that ‘Self-improvement is for the weak, its self destruction that really makes life worth living’ and they create Fight Club.

The opening of the film Fight Club immediately creates pace. The first sounds you hear are that of a violin, before abruptly changing to a faster pace of music. This creates tension for the audience as they as now hooked onto what’s happening. As the credits roll over the screen, stating the big star names, the audience is focusing more on the background. The film starts off in what appears to be the brain, with electro currents running all over the place, the director, producer and various other names come onto the screen. The camera zooms through various particles of the human head until it rolls down the front of a face. The camera then runs down the fore head where you can see the tiny hairs of a mono brow and a dribble of sweat, it then runs down the nose and onto the barrel of a gun, from the angle of the camera, you can barely make out that it is a gun. Once the camera backs away you can see a gun in the mouth of somebody badly beaten up, and a hand holding it. All of these factors make a very indulging and gripping first scene.

The first scene of Fight Club creates immediate suspense, the first scene makes the audience feel vulnerable, because they have no idea what’s going on or what’s about to happen next. This is an effective way of drawing the audience into the beginning of the film; the director chooses to tease the audience by showing them enough to attract them, but not enough to spoil the plot. The director uses the ending of the film as the opening; this is a very effective way to grip the audience into the beginning of the film, as they already have a vague idea of what’s going to happen at the end. This scene is set in what appears to be an abandoned office building, this creates a sense of isolation, simply because it’s dark and there’s a man with a gun.

The music plays an important part in the opening of the film, by having a fast pace piece of music in the background, it builds up the tension of the current shot. This creates tension within the audience as they are bracing themselves for something shocking. The director (David Fincher) uses the same directing techniques as he used in Seven. He builds up tension to make the audience feel uncomfortable, then switches to a different scene with a very slow pace, he then changes to a faster pace scene, this technique is effective because it always keeps the audience guessing what going to happen next.

Reece Cannon

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